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Divine Your Power

 Idyllwild CA 92549

(949) 422-1168   divineyourpower.com


The great remembering...remember the parts of your Self you have forgotten. We have become like an animal pacing in a cage, pacing back and forth, disconnected.


Reconnect in this personal 5.5 day one-on-one experience and rediscover your Self. This intimate time spent on the sacred mountain of Idyllwild will leave you feeling more grounded, balanced and connected.


In this deeply nourishing individualized retreat, Patrica designs a program to nurture transformation in your life using: conscious movement, corrective stretching, guided meditation, quiet time, nature walks/hikes, energy medicine healing sessions, shamanic healing modalities, breath awareness techniques, self-exploration activities, and collectively created cuisine using healthy, wholesome, organic, body honoring food.


Harmonize your many valuable parts and experience your Self grounded, balanced and connected with the one-on-one Divine Mountain Immersion Retreat.

5 days, 132 hours, $4,997.00

Divine Mountain Immersion Retreat


This adventure is created for the 21st century woman!


The Divine Mountain Retreat is a 5.5 day experience for women of all walks of life who are ready to step away from the day-to-day grind, remember the still point within and reacquaint themselves with their own guidance, passion and inspiration.


In this deeply nourishing retreat, we will work with specific tools to nurture transformation in everyday life using: conscious movement, corrective stretching, guided meditation, sound healing, quiet time, nature walks/hikes, energetic awareness techniques, free flow movement, sacred ceremony, self-exploration activities, dining al fresco on healthy, organic, high vibrational food with spectacular views surrounded by nature and the perfect space.


Gather with extraordinary women and together, experience your Self renewed with the Divine Mountain Retreat group experience.


Therapeutic massage available for additional cost*

5 days, 129 hours, $1,333.00 

Divine Mountain Retreat

with Patricia Garza Pinto 

on the sacred mountain of Idyllwild, CA

"The mountains are calling and I must go." - John Muir

A multi-day immersion retreat situated in the high vibration surroundings of Idyllwild, CA. This experience is for those who are ready to initiate restructuring of the physical, moral and spiritual being through cultivation of the sacred self using everyday methodology and your innate wisdom.

The Divine Mountain Immersion Retreat is led by Patricia Garza Pinto, Founder of Divine Your Power - Health and Wellness for the 21st Century. In addition to being an energy medicine healer, Patricia is a certified fitness specialist and CHEK corrective exercise coach combining lineage knowledge with modern tools to facilitate an optimal individual & restorative experience.

The Divine Mountain Retreat is my antidote

to lack of connectedness.



- Amber Robertson

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